Community Vision Statement

In 2020, our community will be a place where all people are committed to family, neighbors and visitors. We value safety, respect and diversity. We believe that by working together we can create a quality of life that includes sustainable employment, new business and reinvestment in our city. A community where everyone contributes to one vision.

Projects from meeting on 9/29/09

  1. We need to have more development in the local markets in Hopwood, Uniontown, and Mellallen Township.  (Agriculture)
  2. Establish a “Cultural District” in Downtown Uniontown and centered around the State Theatre, Small Museums, Art Studios, and Galleries.  (Art & Culture)
  3. Development of partnership between Uniontown, North Union, and South Union on government services and public school districts.  (Community Development)
  4. Continue the development of projects and programs that will promote and enhance downtown/revitalization of the City of Uniontown.  (Community Development)
  5. Development of women programs that will help women develop there self-esteem, values and wisdom to become leaders and mentors in the communities of Uniontown.  (Community Development)
  6. The City of Uniontown should focus on development of community programs that will create more sustainable communities.  (Community Development)
  7. We need to develop more technical assistance programs for the current and new small business owners for the City of Uniontown.  (Economic Development)
  8. Development of a entrepreneurial incubator in the City of Uniontown.  (Economic Development)
  9. Development of a year round food co-op in downtown district of the City of Uniontown and Connellsville that could also be used as a incubator to start new small business owners.  (Economic Development)
  10. City government needs to development of a aggressive policy and programs to help businesses to open up in the downtown vacant building located in the City of Connellsville, Brownsville and Uniontown.  (Economic Development)
  11. Development of a marking program to attract small business owners to the City of Uniontown downtown business district.  (Economic Development)
  12. Establish a Buy/Local Campaign for Uniontown and Connellsville for the downtown business district communities.  (Economic Development)
  13. Development of programs that would promote the development of entrepreneurship of small business owners and encourageand assist them to locate in the downtown areas in Uniontown, Connellsville, Brownsville, and Masontown.  (Economic Development)
  14. Make all street lights powered by green energy from wind or solar power in the City of Connellsville, Uniontown, and Brownsville.  (Energy)
  15. Increase the care providers for Psychiatric, Dental Care for Uniontown.  (Health)
  16. We need improvement of all private housing stock in the Uniontown area.  (Housing)
  17. We need more public/private partnership in the housing development in the City of Uniontown.  (Housing)

Community Meeting , October 27, 2009

  1. Lower property taxes to encourage private development and investment. (Housing)
  2. Lower property taxes for everyone. (Housing)
  3. Renewal of older housing stock. (Housing)
  4. Replacement of poor/deteriorated stock. (Housing)
  5. Make home ownership more available for first time buyers. (Housing)
  6. Evaluate who is eligible- help bring down crime and also to have the room for the real families in need. (Housing)
  7. Contract housing stock to match properties. (Housing)
  8. Reduce public housing. (Housing)
  9. Private housing families can own NOT rent and can AFFORD.  They will then show PRIDE. (Housing)
  10. We need recreation for Adults (concerts, etc.); Families – Street Festivals, etc. (Recreation)
  11. For youth to have a safe haven to connect in their faith. (Recreation)
  12. For children all together.  Some parents don’t have monitary means for YMCA and other such programs. (Recreation)
  13. Community ran youth center for teens and mentoring programs offerred. (Recreation)
  14. We need more neighborhood projects for youth and family. (Recreation)
  15. We need a more active State Theater. (Recreation)
  16. We need a theme park in Uniontown. (Recreation)
  17. Hire and house college students from Morgantown, Pgh, etc. – deep exposure… and lots of “life” and diversity infused into the community.  Perhaps offer deep discounts and free FACT rides for employees. “$ gets you into any county attraction: – sound nice? (Tourism)
  18. Free Parking in Uniontown. (Infrastructure)
  19. Keep social services recipients accountable.  Those in welfare to work and similar programs should be graded on attendance AND performance.  Life is tough – if people aren’t allowed to struggle, htey won’t grow.  Quit Whining! (Social Conditions)
  20. Improve access to social services – Transportation – Funding for uninsured. (Social Conditions)
  21. Support and grow responsible fatherhood programs like “Dad’s Matter”. (Social Conditions)
  22. Collaboration of Accountability. (Social Conditions)
  23. Develop teen programs with teen input that will keep their interest and keep them off of the streets and positively engaged. (Social Conditions)
  24. Bring the entire community together in assisting others within ALL social conditions. (Social Conditions)
  25. Return of small manufacturing. (Economic Development)
  26. Improved technical education opportunities. (Economic Development)
  27. Promote corporate growth. (Economic Development)
  28. Local tax credits for those who are artists/musicians who perform in Fayette County.  Credit for equipment, lessons, etc. (Local Government)
  29. Minimal government due to greater working together, sense of self-responsibility. (Local Government)
  30. Working together for good of GROUP not individual. (Local Government)
  31. Accountability for all involved. (Local Government)
  32. Lower property taxes. (Local Government)
  33. Shared Interdenominational Projects. (Religious/Spiritual Community).
  34. Uniting as the body, working together as a whole instead of individual. (Religious/Spiritual Community).
  35. Area wide revival, a spiritual awakening needed. (Religious/Spiritual Community)
  36. Community youth events. (Religious/Spiritual Community)
  37. Promote Farmer’s Markets – Highlight availability of free parking. (Agriculture)
  38. Buy local campaign, establish markets that grow local produce and raise livestock. (Agriculture)
  39. We need more festivals. (Community Development)
  40. We need more retail stores. (Community Development)
  41. Improve downtown sidewalks. (Community Development)
  42. We need small business development. (Community Development)
  43. We need to focus on decreasing crime and drugs in this area. (Community Development)
  44. Increase police presence and Neighborhood watch programs in Uniontown. (Community Development)
  45. Utilize other public services, ie. EMS/Fire, etc. (Community Development)
  46. Community Picnics/events – must promote. (Community Development)
  47. Promote natural gas development. (Energy)
  48. Need Building Codes that support increased efficiency. (Energy)
  49. We need safe facilities for Nuclear projects. (Energy)
  50. We need to look to the future in this area to design programs for the Uniontown area of saving energy. (Energy)
  51. Jobs!  All jobs are valued. (Workforce Development)
  52. More training for everyone to be self-dependant in terms to government dependant. (Workforce Development)
  53. We need to obtain higher paying industries in this area. (Workforce Development)
  54. Bring back “freedom of speech” allowing Religious/Spiritual programs and the prayer back into the schools. (Education)
  55. Educate parents on how to be responsible for their children. (Education)
  56. Quality Education meeting need of you, NOT TESTS. (Education)
  57. We need education that addresses all integrity, honesty, etc. (Education)
  58. Mandatory instruction on basic life skills: balancing checkbook, laundry, housekeeping, etc. (Education)
  59. New Career Technical School in center of county collaboration. (Education)
  60. Increased special education services. (Education)
  61. Expand higher education to keep young people in the area.  Bring in new schools and grow current ones. (Education)
  62. Allow PSU -Fayette to become a community hub. (Education)
  63. Local scholarship programs are needed. (Education)
  64. Utilize the local cyber program to service Fayette County. (Education)
  65. Administration changes are needed. (Education)
  66. Affordable family programs, convenient times. (Arts & Culture)
  67. Use cultural programs (plays, concerts, etc.) to promote family; reduced prices for families. (Arts & Culture)
  68. More concerts at State Theatre and Movies. (Arts & Culture)
  69. We need zoning to protect the environment. (Environment)
  70. We need public awareness of environmental concerns. (Environment)
  71. Litter control/clean up area, get community involved. (Environment)
  72. Embrace and teach Naturopathic Medicine and theories in schools and communities. (Health)
  73. Medicine for those who can’t afford it. (Health)
  74. Increase medical providers to area/hospitals clinics. (Health)
  75. Health workshops promoting prevention of disease. (Health)
  76. We need to increase the number of specialists in this area. (Health)
  77. Would like to see progress in Downtown Uniontown. Economic Development)
  78. Return to a good work ethic. (Workforce Development)
  79. Increase in the quality of low income housing. (Housing)
  80. Youth- engage them to enhance the community. (Community Development)
  81. We need the creation of more jobs in the community. (Workforce Development)
  82. Better qualities (values) in people. (Social Conditions)
  83. Would like to see improvement of education. (Education)
  84. Youth – we need to see progress for our youth. (Social Conditions)
  85. Would like to see enhanced levels of education. (Education)
  86. Continued support for education including a new Vo-Tech School. (Education)
  87. Would like to see the return of good work ethics in people. (Social Conditions)
  88. Develop Uniontown more, better education opportunities for the youth and better place to grow up. (Community Development,Education, Social Conditions)
  89. Like to see our homeless shelter program fixed from 30 days to how ever long it takes for people to be come self-sufficient. (Social Conditions)



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