Community Vision Statement

In 2020, our community will be a place where all people are united in purpose through out the region. Where all are respected, diverse and afforded employment opportunities.  Where all children can obtain a quality education, safety and be healthy.  Be aware of the recreational opportunities in the area and receive a quality public education.  We value good helpful neighbors, our natural resources, our heritage and look forward to the future.  We believe that by working together we can create a quality of life where people can earn a sustaining wage and support the local economy. Where people want to live and raise a family.

Projects from meeting on 9/29/09

  1. We need art classes in all of the mediums areas in Connellsville and for all ages.  (Arts & Culture)
  2. The City Connellsville needs to focus on restoring the old building in the downtown business district and develop a revitalization programs with a clear vision for future growth.  (Community Development)
  3. Development of a year round food co-op in downtown district of the City of Uniontown and Connellsville that could also be used as a incubator to start new small business owners.  (Economic Development)
  4. Need to identify and develop way to reuse the current Anchor Plant and find ways to use the plant to attract new companies to Connellsville and South Connellsville, to create new and sustainable jobs.  (Economic Development)
  5. Continue development of a downtown main street for the City of Connellsville.  (Economic Development)
  6. Reopen the Anchor Glass Factory in South Connellsville.  (Economic Development)
  7. City Government needs the development of an aggressive policy and programs to help businesses to open up in the downtown vacant building located in the City of Connellsville, Brownsville and Uniontown.  (Economic Development)
  8. Establish a Buy/Local Campaign for Uniontown and Connellsville for the downtown business district communities.  (Economic Development)
  9. Development of programs that would promote the development of entrepreneurship of small business owners and encourage and assist them to locate in the downtown areas in Uniontown, Connellsville, Brownsville, and Masontown.  (Economic Development)
  10. Make all street lights powered by green energy from wind or solar power in the City of Connellsville, Uniontown, and Brownsville.  (Energy)

Community Meeting, October 12, 2009

  1. We need public gardens. (Agriculture)
  2. We need an ag co-op. (Agriculture)
  3. Would like to see community gardens, utilizing every vacant lot in town. (Agriculture)
  4. Would like to see more farmers markets downtown. (Agriculture)
  5. Would like to see locally grown produce free to low income; give lot space to low income families to grow food. (Agriculture)
  6. Check w/hospitals, doctors, church groups to determine what is needed and how to help and respond to those in need. (Social Conditions)
  7. We need Teen Programs-Pregnancy Prevention(Social Conditions)
  8. We need Elderly Programs expand programs and services @ senior center. (Social Conditions)
  9. We need Teen Programs. (Social Conditions)
  10. Work on prevention and breaking the cycle of Victims of Abuse. (Social Conditions)
  11. We need a Neighborhood Watch program. (Social Conditions)
  12. Drug & Alcohol – Good police force trying to control. (Social Conditions)
  13. Need more Early Childhood programs. (Social Conditions)
  14. Need Transportation for Victims of Abuse. (Social Conditions)
  15. We need a focus on programs for areas like Autism. (Health)
  16. We need Obesity prevention and treatment. (Health)
  17. Additional education for HIV-Aids. (Health)
  18. Free Clinic – Wesley is the only one in the county – get more support for it. (Health)
  19. Expand services offered at Highland Hospital. (Health)
  20. Support local hospitals. (Health)
  21. More funding for Wesley Health Center in Connellsville!  ( only free health clinic in the county) helps low income families. (Health)
  22. We need to work together to get things done. (Local Government)
  23. We need more involvement by the people of Connellsville.  Let your voice be heard. (Local Government)
  24. Eliminate paid fire department, increase money for volunteers with savings. (Local Government)
  25. Support Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce). (Local Government)
  26. Support programs like a Mayor’s Youth Countil (Local Government).
  27. More community outreach and public visibility. (Local Government).
  28. Work business deals to get companies in town, ie. no or lower taxes. (Economic Development)
  29. Get Vo-Tech students involved with incubators to assist in starting new companies. (Economic Development)
  30. Business Attraction/Marketing Program to bring business into Connellsville. (Economic Development)
  31. Entrepreneurship Incubators-use to bring in small business. (Economic Development)
  32. Community Clean Up Projects. (Economic Development)
  33. Need a motel and Bed & Breakfast in Connellsville. (Economic Development)
  34. Revise existing vacant structures. (Economic Development)
  35. Cyber Cafe with entertainment! (Economic Development)
  36. Utilize Existing Resources (Economic Development)
  37. Good Buy Local Initiatives (Economic Development)
  38. Business Attraction/Marketing – GAP (Economic Development)
  39. Resources need to be equitable to all county cities! (Economic Development)
  40. Anchor Hocking needs promoted and developed. (Economic Development)
  41. Business Financing Programs – The Progress Fund (Economic Development)
  42. Co-ops created with Entreprenuership Incubators. (Economic Development).
  43. Keep river clean, after heavy rains, garbage flows down the river – clean off banks. (Environment)
  44. Protect river fro Fayette County and for entertainment of residents and visitors. (Environment)
  45. We need to do more recycling-more publicity (Environment)
  46. Get involved with Green Buildings-reuse buildings. (Environment)
  47. Land usage – Develop the water front areas. (Environment)
  48. Concerned with water quality and quantity. (Environment)
  49. We need more street trees and native plants. (Environment)
  50. We need to place power lines under ground-do at the same time as providing broadband service or new sewer/water lines. (Environment)
  51. Litter free streets, parks, rivers, etc. (Environment)
  52. Minimize/eliminate vehicle idling. (Environment)
  53. Get team sports for all seasons and ages. (Recreation)
  54. Walking Trail would be nice. (Recreation)
  55. We need more for all ages. (Recreation)
  56. Community Center with working pool. (Recreation)
  57. Community Theatre. (Recreation)
  58. Comedy Clubs? Skating? Movies? Laurel Mall is not nice. (Recreation)
  59. Walking Trail; Connellsville has talent; YMCA;Comedy Club;Roller Park; Fix up Drive In; Open Mic Bands. (Recreation)
  60. Playground programs. (Recreation)
  61. Always need to improve. (Recreation)
  62. Skate Park; Float Trips/tube rentals on Yough River Water Trail. (Recreation/Tourism)
  63. Develop Arts & Culture Programs. (Arts & Culture)
  64. Arts in the Park. (Arts & Culture)
  65. Outdoor concerts – get youth involved. (Arts & Culture)
  66. Murals through out downtown (sponsored by community groups). (Arts & Culture)
  67. Culinary Program. (Arts & Culture)
  68. Would like to see an art gallery. (Arts & Culture)
  69. Early Childhood programs to interest children in the arts. (Arts & Culture)
  70. Theatre – need to bring programs, lectures, promote speakers. (Arts & Culture)
  71. Music-bring symphonies to town. (Arts & Culture)
  72. Community Center;Concert Series (Lion’s); East Park, Public Arts Projects. (Arts & Culture)
  73. Study lessons in various medical ages. (Arts & Culture)
  74. Comedy venue. (Arts & Culture)
  75. Good early childhood programs. ( Arts & Culture)
  76. Early exposure to theatre. (Arts & Culture) 
  77. Introduction to Children’s music. (Arts & Culture)
  78. Free expression Painting. (Arts & Culture)
  79. Introduction for Children’s Dance. (Arts & Culture)
  80. Movie nights in East Park. (Arts & Culture)
  81. Expand upon Summer Concert Series. (Arts & Culture)
  82. Cross promote events between towns (cooperate not compete); eliminate scheduling overlap; even neighboring towns in Westmoreland County (Scottdale & Confluence & Mt. Pleasant). (Arts & Culture)
  83. Murals through out downtown (sponsored by community groups). (Arts & Culture
  84. Farmers Markets Center City (off bike trail). (Agriculture)
  85. Local Farmers Downtown lots for growth of produce. (Agriculture)
  86. Access to local markets and redevelop downtown. (Agriculture)
  87. Locally Grown produce free to low income famlies. (Agriculture)
  88. Give lot space to low income so they can grow their own food. (Agriculture)
  89. Work lots next to your home (God makes kids grow, God makes plants grow; watch them Grow Together). (Agriculture)
  90. Use every empty lot in the city. (Agriculture)
  91. Rent For 1.00/ month. Sign waiver liability. (Agriculture)
  92. Neighborhood gard en competitions (prize -gift certificates to local businesses, etc. ) (Agriculture)
  93. Community Gardens -use vacant lots, expand last summer’s programs. (Agriculture)
  94. Locally grown produce community gardens/orchards. (Agriculture)
  95. Teach young children to garden!! (Agriculture)
  96. Family Gardens; Victory Gardens. (Agriculture)
  97. Farmland preservation: Infill development instead of suburban sprawl into farmland. (Agriculture)
  98. Organic produce. (Agriculture)
  99. Develop solar power. (Energy)
  100. Education on seasonality (Adjusting thermostat 3 degree can make a big difference). (Energy)
  101. Geothermal? Not sure if it would work in Connnellsville. (Energy)
  102. Coal to Gasoline. (Energy)
  103. Residential Windmills. (Energy)
  104. Be sure to regulate natural gas. (Energy)
  105. Solar rooftop installation – subsidies or loans from the county to pay for the upfront costs and allow the home/business owner to repay with monthly payments. (Energy)
  106. No more coal mines or natural gas wells!!!. (Energy)
  107. Efficiency! Energy Star, weather ization, etc. (Energy)
  108. LED traffic signals. (Energy)
  109. Use Biofuels. (Energy)
  110. Get downtown buildings open/clean and in business. (Community Development)
  111. Offer tax free business deals to companies to entice them to come in. (Community Development)
  112. Start Crime Watches in neighborhood- this will spur community development. (Community Development)
  113. Inclusive events (ie, bike rides all levels on Tues @ 5:30pm; tubing @! pm on Saturday, trail town baseball leagues). (Community Development)
  114. State needs code regulations for revitalization. (Community Development)
  115. Clean Sustainable Communities (Community Development)
  116. Laws to prevent abandoned buildings. (Commuity Development)
  117. Mixed use development (Community Development)
  118. Design Standards (like what Ohiopyle is doing). (Community Development)
  119. All programs tied to apprenticeships @ local Businesses. (Workforce Development)
  120. Farm crops (give farmers assistance and train next generation). Function like Americorps/Pa Conservations Corps). (Workforce Development)
  121. Where are all the labor jobs? (Workforce Development)
  122. Job Placement ( Workforce Development)
  123. Intern Programs ( Workforce Development)
  124. Adult Training- Continuing Education (Workforce Development)
  125. Industry Collaboration – Industry should support education. (Workforce Development)
  126. School Collaboration – Universities, Schools and Industry work together. (Workforce Development)
  127. Beautiful City – it need promoted; churches – old; homes-clean streets. (Tourism)
  128. Bike Trail needs more promotion being here so long but other trail area on GAP get more media. (Tourism)
  129. Need small restaurants in town and a good high end restaurant. (Tourism)
  130. Cultural – need more! (Tourism)
  131. Attraction Development monthly/weekly entertainment in summer. (Tourism)
  132. Eco-Toruism promote trail. (Tourism)
  133. Hotel/Housing (Tourism)
  134. Food Services (Tourism)
  135. Connellsville needs to get ready for thousands of “Tourists”. (Tourism)
  136. Historical-preserve armory (history). (Tourism)
  137. Need facilities for tourists. (Tourism)
  138. Need a hotel. (Tourism)
  139. Need a downtown to exist. (Tourism)
  140. Take advantage of Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau Membership & Train Town Program. (Tourism)
  141. More lodging in Connellsville City – hotel. (Tourism)
  142. Enhance Great Allegheny Passage branding & Signage/electronic kiosks. (Tourism)
  143. Condo/Townhouses for residents. (Housing)
  144. Elderly assisted living facility. (Housing)
  145. Short Term Executive Housing (Housing)
  146. More new and affordable housing. (Housing)
  147. Public Section 8? Provide landscaping using native plants or community gardens. (Looks barren, ugly with just grass). (Housing)
  148. Something like a Cyber Cafe for high school age kids; concerts there/open mic nights like The Tech Room in Uniontown/YMCA!! (Education)
  149. Get the right people to teach the kids. (Education)
  150. Police/Fire Fighters/Nurses should teach about community pride. (Education)
  151. Higher Ed affordability is an issue. (Education)
  152. Basic adult education/adult vocational education. (Education)
  153. After school tutoring. (Education)
  154. Extended School Year. (Education)
  155. Career Counseling Services needs improvement. (Education)
  156. Technical Education County Wide. (Education)
  157. Carnegie free library in Connellsville needs newer books. (Education)
  158. Buses-better coordination in Connellsville. (Infrastructure)
  159. Bike Trails Maintenance. (Infrastructure)
  160. Transportation – increase bus routes, bike lanes. (Infrastructure)
  161. Railway/Amtrack station, allow bikes on trains. (Infrastructure)
  162. Bike racks on sidewalks (Infrastructure)
  163. Bike carriers onFACT BUSES.
  164. Roads-too much inner city traffic.
  165. Airport-great, expand Connellsville airport. (Infrastructure)
  166. Railway – Expand service for bicyclist. (Infrastructure)
  167. Good Public water and sewage service. (Infrastructure).
  168. “Complete Streets”, Bicycle; Pedestrian – repaired sidewalks, safe crosswalk.
  169. Great Churches. (Religious/Spiritual Community)
  170. Wonderful collection of history and culture. (Religious/Spiritual Community)
  171. We need a countywide communication system that ties us all together such as a countywide cable TV channel. (Countywide)
  172. Coop Grocery store with local produce locally made items and other products – Pittsburgh’s East End Co-Op is an ideal example. (Countywide)
  173. Programs for the elderly. (Countywide)
  174. Generations of Welfare in Community. (Countywide)
  175. Local Job Opportunities (Countywide)
  176. Industry for Fayette County (Countywide)
  177. Good education opportunities (Countywide)
  178. I feel that good job opportunities will restore pride and community involvement.  It would also help reduce crime and possible drug use. (Countywide)
  179. I am willing to put a boxing club together in Connellsville.   I have the people and I need a place to do it. (Countywide)
  180. Give people self worth aznd pride! And they will grow up to be good members of society. (Countywide)
  181. Finish the Sheepskin Trail to WV & expand the Trail Town Program down it. (Countywide)
  182. Expand the FACT bus system, more stops, more freuent, more promotion of the service. (Countywide)
  183. Roll-on, Roll-off bicycle service @ Connellsville Amtrak Station. (Countywide)
  184. Electric vehicle chargin stations using solar and wind power. (Countywide)
  185. Expand recycling program and services to more areas, more items accepted, more  frequent collection, more promotion of service. (Countywide)
  186. Finish and Connect the Coal & Coke trail to the Great Allegheny Passage. (Countywide)
  187. Protect and restore historic buildings instead of tearing them down. (Countywide)
  188. Concrete goals and deadlines for recycling %, renewable energy % and penalties of goals not met by deadlines. (Contywide)


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